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We take our commitment to sourcing and supplying high-quality food very seriously. Our team are committed to maintaining and developing close and trusted relationships with our suppliers.

We are currently in the process of revising and reviewing our environmental impact policy. We intend to make our business greener by increasing our recyclable waste and looking at better ways to operate our business whilst being kinder to the environment.

Our cleanliness and food hygiene is second to none which is reflected in our 5 Star Hygiene rating. This rating applies to our bakery, kitchens and every food truck.

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We only use the best quality ingredients from suppliers we know and trust. We are proud to source many of our ingredients from local farms and producers. Many of the salads greens used in our sandwiches and salads are grown on farms in Lancashire, often from within 10 miles of our hub.    

Producing fresh and quality food is a way of life for 2U Food and this is reflected in everything we do.  

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